ACT Pinball Championship 2015

VCP is proud to present the upcoming ACT Pinball Championship to be held at the Big Boys Toys Expo in Canberra this year. Running August 22 to 24th, the expo will feature a wide range of outdoor and adventure exhibits and displays. Vice City Players will be on-site running a pinball competition. Gold coin donations will go to Menslink, an important resource on young male issues.

There will be 12 machines set aside exclusively for the ACT Pinball Championship. The proceeds from these machines will go towards competition prize money. The remaining 8 machines will be available for public play with a gold coin donation going towards Menslink. We’ve also completed the rules set that will govern the tournament. 3-ball games and room for 24 qualifiers in the finals, it looks to be a blast! The key dates and times are:

  • Qualifying Round – Saturday 22 August 2015, 10:00am – 4:00pm
  • Finals – Sunday 23 August 2015, 10:00am – 4:00pm

For the full details check out the 2015 ACT Pinball Championship – rulesheet. The championships are being held at the Big Boys Toys Expo at Exhibition Park in Canberra. Buy your tickets here!

2015 ACT pinball championship update poster

Qualifying Pinball Machines

  1. ACDC Luci
  2. TRON L/E
  3. Wrestle Mania L/E
  4. KISS Pro
  5. Metallica Pro
  6. Red & Ted’s Road Show
  7. World Cup Soccer
  8. Tales From The Crypt
  9. The Creature From The black Lagoon
  10. White Water
  11. Spider-Man (Stern)
  12. High Hand (Gottlieb 1973 – older-style electro mechanical machine)


Pinball Machines Available for Public Play

  1. Red & Ted’s Roadshow
  2. The Shadow
  3. The Getaway
  4. Fishtales
  5. Robocop (prototype version)
  6. Addams Family
  7. Jacks Open (Gottlieb 1977 – older-style electro mechanical machine)